Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Archives introduction
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On April 9, 1959, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Archives was established, which centralized reserve primarily archives of people’s organization, party and government offices, as well as take care of Science Archives and Cultural Archives of some enterprise or public institution. In August 2001, by institutional reforms, autonomous region archives and archives bureau have merged into Inner Mongolia Archives Bureau (Archives), which is departmental level organization and by the management of autonomous region party committee general office.

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Archives is consisted by 13 Division Departments. These departments are Office, Personnel and Education Division (CPC party committee), Regulation Division, Archives and File Room of Business Supervision and Guidance Division, Economy and Technology Archives of Business Supervision and Guidance Division, Collection Division, Mongolian Archives Division, Science and Technology Division, Information Technology Division, Keeping and Utilization Division, Cataloging and Compilation Division, Organization Affaires and Service Center Division, Archival Education and Research Center Division. About-mentioned divisions’ deputies are overall planning and Macro-controlling the whole region’s archives work, and Carrying out the archives working of laws, regulations, guidelines, policies, and Making plans for local regulations and archives career’s development of the whole region, and guiding , inspecting, supervising, coordinating archives’ working for each of league city, party and government organizations, universities, large and medium-size enterprises, the bureaus of science and technology(above country level’s), non-state economy organizations, and bearing the working of collecting, sorting, storing and utilizing documents( including Mongolian and other minorities’ document), and bearing the other working about archives.

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Archives is adhering to the concept of services’ development, continuously improving and perfecting infrastructure and business services, constantly enriching archives and improving services. Over the years, accelerating archives’ information construction, in the future depend on information technology, so can improve archives services’ convenience.