Information Construction
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In January of 2013, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Archive began to construct digital archives’ project. According to current network environment and business requirements, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Archives came up with the overall target of construction that “three networks, five databases, five platforms”. Three networks mean Government Affairs Network, Local Area Network and Internet. Five platforms mean archives service platform, government affairs service platform, core archives business platform, inner using archives platform, internet information platform. Five databases mean basing on each platform, construct corresponding database.

Government Affairs Network: supply services for Inner Mongolia Autonomous bureau, municipal Archive, district Archive, mainly deal with collecting, sharing and publish archives resource. According to business requirements, establish virtual archives room, electronic record file center, electronic file receiving center, information resource using and servicing, electronic directory center. Based on business mode and security management, establish two platform, which one is archives service platform and another is government affairs service platform. Archives service platform: supplying virtual archives room service for every bureaus, by Government Affairs Network each bureau could use virtual archives room for managing its local archives. Meanwhile, by Government Affairs Network, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Archive supply archives business guidance for every bureau. Government affairs service platform: collecting, arranging, managing and utilizing every bureaus’ electronic file and electronic archives; collecting every municipal Archives’ archives catalogue; supplying uniform platform for referring to government affairs’ information.

Local Area Network: mainly handle Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Archive’s core business. For example, digital processing, receiving archives, arranging archives, managing archives, managing storehouse, managing subject-specific archives, managing multi-media archives, publishing archives, utilizing archives, managing system. According to security requirement of classification protection, establish two information platforms, which core archives business platform and inner utilizing platform. Core archives business platform was designed for doing inner archives business, but inner utilizing platform was designed for handling users’ referring. Core archives business platform has a core resource database, which is most complete archives resource and published archives to other archives database. Inner utilizing platform own inner utilizing resource platform, which is used for referring archives services.

Internet: mainly supply collecting archives and publishing information for the public. Archives web portals support publishing general file and multi-media information. By means of words, voices, images, etc. showing dynamically all kinds of information. And supply referring to open-archives and reading file. For example online exhibition, collecting archives, capturing online, publishing information, group of websites, etc. internet information platform achieve registering collection information, publishing information and website group of covering all league cities.