Archives Introduction
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Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Archive keeps archives most from municipality directly under the authority’s archives, which authorities keep track of routine activities, and keeps Qing Dynasty and Republican archives (including pro-Japanese regime’s archives) that have region’s meaning, as well as all the various historical stages’ archives.

By the end of 2008, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Archive keeps 607193 volumes archives, in which there are 53934 volumes archives of Qing Dynasty, 60473 volumes archives of Republican, 1033 volumes archives of Chinese revolutionary history, 355169 volumes archives of the People’s Republic of China, 1509 volumes personage archives, 8437 archives of particular carrier, 126638 volumes holding archives.

Above of the archives, archives of Qing Dynasty involve 23 fonds, these archives between 1644 and 1911 (Shunzhi’s first year to Xuantong’s third year), these archives’ language include Chinese, Mongolian, Manchu. For holding archives’ species, mainly official letters, other is volume, imperial mandate, genealogical tree, household, area of farm, etc. For example, Hulunbeir vice-all Series Yamen, Kharachin Middle banner Zhasake Yamen, Royal Supervision Mongolian Banner Reclamation Mobile Barracks.

Archives of Suiyuan Province involve 54 fonds, thirty-six thousand volumes, between 1912 and 1949, these archives constitute of Suiyuan Province’s government directly institution’s record, temporary agency’s record, Central accredit Suiyuan agency’s records.

People’s Republic of China’s archives involve 239 fonds, 274969 volumes, including Suiyuan Province’s archives, eastern district of Inner Mongolia archives. Between October 1949 and 2000, these archives’ language include Chinese, Mongolian, and others (English, Russian, Tibetan, etc.). In those archives, there are some acoustic image archives, artwork archives, material archives, personage archives.