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1       Archive Reference Guide

1.         The inquirer must show the legal credentials (recommendation, working card, identity card, etc.) to the service desk, and do check-in procedure.

2.         The inquirer refer to the out of control archives among the unopened archives, whose must take the introduction letter of the unit; refer to the control archives, whose must take the introduction letter of above the country level and meanwhile show identity card. If the inquirer refer to archives about Chinese Communist Party, the inquirer must be a member of Chinese Communist Party.

3.         The foreigners refer to archives must take the introduction letter of the competent authorities above the country level, and show the individual passport.

4.         The archives supply referring and consulting service, the inquirer could refer to archives by letters or telegram. If someone wants service about referring to the archives, whose could refer by letters or telegram. If need copy, must post the relevant credentials.

5.         Within a prescribed scope, the inquirer could refer to or extract the archives’ content as needed. If need copy archives, the inquirer was be charged.

6.         The inquirer must conscientious observe the reading room’s order, keep quiet, pay attention to sanitation, no smoking. The inquirer need store the personal belongings (including the portfolio) into the deposit box.

7.         Referring archive’s processing: the reception person verify the valid ID->write the referring approval form->retrieve opening archive catalogue->approving->pick up archives into the reading room->copy archives (extract, copy, take photos )->staff check the copies->the inquirer sign for the copies.

2       Service Commitments

1.         Establishing the concept, including making things convenient for people and supplying good services. Working proactively, enthusiasm, pay attention for polite language and service etiquette.

2.         Enforce strictly ‘three systems’, deal with things that conform the rules in time, make guarantee for the inquirer services.

3.         To coming museum, directly accept the services of the inquirer, if immediately meet the inquirer, during three working days give the inquirer an answer. If the inquirer using phone, fax, letters, email to consulting and referring, during five working days give the inquirer an answer.

4.         On holidays, Supply the order services for referring to archives.